Online Stalking: London, Paris, New York

Much like the Strava controversy a few weeks ago, this is a great example of how seemingly innocent data can be used for nefarious purposes. Citymapper is a journey planning application that integrates all modes of transport (public, cycling, walking, »

The funniest hacker stock videos

I'm sure we've all seen the ridiculous Hollywood-style hacking stock photos. A guy sitting in front of a computer, wearing a suit and ski mask whilst scratching his head, or inspecting the laptop's screen with a magnifying glass whilst wearing »

Domino's: Pizza and Payments

Friday evening, circa 3 years ago. I'm craving an Americano with extra pineapple and hot dog stuffed crust. I fire up the Domino's Android app, place my order and 40 minutes later I'm stuffing my face with 13.5" goodness. »

Owning Philips In.Sight IP Cameras

This is a continuation from my previous post but this time we'll be taking a look at the device itself, the Philips In.Sight M100. The end goal is to pop a root shell on the device which we successfully »

Yoics: account takeover vulnerability

Yoics market themselves as "secure cloud networking" and is a service that allows you to "Internet access (almost) anything". Many top brands use Yoics in their devices; Cisco, Astak, Philips and more. A good example is the Philips In.Sight »

Moonpig vulnerability

Moonpig are one of the most well known companies that sell personalised greeting cards in the UK. In 2007 they had a 90% market share and shipped nearly 6 million cards. In July 2011 they were bought by PhotoBox. Moonpig »

Introducing Bhoot

Got root? Get Bhoot! I've just created an Android app that allows you to upload and convert your favourite GIFs in to Android boot animations. or browse what the community has created and install them with a single click - »

Why I'm excited about C# 6.0

Version 6.0 has been out since April via the new .NET compiler, Roslyn and will soon ship with Visual Studio 14 so let's have a super-quick run down of what's new. The majority of new features are syntactic sugar »

NLog.Slack - love your logs

I love Slack. It's the most amazing thing since sliced bread. Yeah, that good. It's so good that it is the first service I've paid for that also offers a completely free service. Why are you still reading this? Go »