The funniest hacker stock videos

I'm sure we've all seen the ridiculous Hollywood-style hacking stock photos. A guy sitting in front of a computer, wearing a suit and ski mask whilst scratching his head, or inspecting the laptop's screen with a magnifying glass whilst wearing thick winter gloves. And let's face it they are hilarious. But what's even funnier? Hacker stock videos.

These videos also serve as great training material. After watching these you will be able to spot any hackers wondering about your office.

Stock Video #1. No gloves? Mistake #1. It's hard to tell from this angle but it looks like the blinds behind him are open, mistake #2. This guy is clearly an amateur.

Stock Video #2. This hacker is testing his new Visual Basic GUI to track the IP address location of his target.

Stock Video #3. Now this guy is quite clearly a master hacker. The incredibly thick gloves, the ski mask and the ill-fitting black suit that looks like he has a clothes hanger across his shoulders. The best part of this video is that it points out the very real threat of hackers hiding under your desk once they've successfully hacked you. If you spot one then it means it's already too late, call IT immediately.

Stock Video #4. Now that's just bad posture. And I'm pretty sure that is a wired mouse and keyboard with the cords cut off...

Stock Video #5. Now this guy is good. He's hacking the Linux kernel using one hand whilst on the run, presumably being chased by Torvalds. Oh and the laptop isn't even on.

Stock Video #6. This guy is next level. He's hacking in virtual reality using binary. Notice how he has no face, making him incredibly difficult to identify.

Stock Video #7. I know what you're thinking but no, this guy is not a hacker. This is Dave from the office in a rush to send an e-mail over the weekend in a cold office. How can you tell? The smile. Hackers are incapable of conveying emotion and making facial expressions.

Stock Photo #8. This guy has fucking ascended. He's operating within string theory, directly manipulating electrons and shit. If you see a guy in a hoody who looks like he's miming, run.

Stock Photo #9. Obligatory Guy Fawkes mask. Taking hover hand to a whole new level.